CHIC BEING is a boutique luxury brand consultancy experienced in marketing and sales management of beauty, fashion and lifestyle companies. We provide consulting, creative and communications services to the global luxury industry. 

We act as an everyday coach and business partner to our unique clients. We invest time and effort to discover the essential fundamentals of your brands, consumers and markets. We work closely with you to define your goals, create brand strategy and bespoke solutions that make business sense. We would like to be perceived by our clients as “change agents” and a constant source of inspiration and education. 





At CHIC BEING, we believe that modern luxury lifestyle is about being, not having. Things we do shape who we are, the lifestyle we lead and the choices we make. It is about having a unique experience and having a connection with customers that make the brand truly exceptional. 

New luxury consumption is moving from opulent to meaningful, from possessive to experiential. It is interlinked with identity, self-expression and lifestyle. Modern luxury consumers want newness and to have a sense of discovery. Let them discover your brand! 

We believe in the power of passion, creativity and of the social media that stands behind boutique and independent brands. We will help you grow while maintaining your unique brand identity! Together, we will bring your brand to life!