Brand Management


Brand Management



Two of the most crucial pieces of brand development are in creating a unique brand strategy and developing a profitable business. This is the lifeblood of the brand. We want to help you build a solid business foundation and tools to monitor your brand performance. Gaining this knowledge will give your business the expertise and freedom to invest into the future development. We are experts in delivering customized marketing and sales solutions in the areas of: 

- Luxury brand positioning and brand architecture: personality, values, mission and promise.

- Luxury brand management and luxury marketing strategy: portfolio analysis, pricing and promotional strategies.

- Sales and distribution analysis: performance monitoring tools, margin analysis, key accounts profitability analysis.

- Go-to-market strategies: new business recommendations and planning.

- Start-up and new brands' launch strategy and planning

- P&L and marketing budget planning


Consumer Experience

Consumer Experience



At CHIC BEING we believe that the consumer is at the heart of every single brand activity. We work with companies to identify their “WHY” and their Unique Value Proposition. We analyze consumer insight, competitive landscape and latest luxury market trends to answer the most important questions: What are the values that customers are looking for from my brand? Why and how my brand can become more valuable to my customers? Why does my brand matter?

As luxury brand management consultants, we are experts in the designing and delivery of the luxury customer experience. We will build a marketing strategy with a consistent and inspiring story that strategically uses the most efficient communication channels. We analyze every touch point between your brand and the consumer. Impressions matter: 

- Luxury customers' insight and evaluation

- Offline and online experience in premium retail channels

- E-Commerce solutions: strategy and implementation  

- Communication strategy for luxury brands

- Public Relations & Social Media strategy


Relations Management

Relations Management



Several years ago, Laurence Knight, the worldwide branding guru, created the idea of “soul branding.” He said that brands integrated in the community are able to cultivate soulful connections. A brand with soul has a fan base of friends, not only leaders and followers. The brand interacts with customers by accepting feedback.  The brand also demonstrates its commitment to the community by supporting a cause or taking on a social responsibility.

More than ever, luxury brands must share a “sense of being” with customers. They must become one power that shares the same goal. We can make your brand’s soul meaningful and stand out by:

- Digital marketing strategy for prestige brands

- Website design & development 

- E-mail marketing 

- Digital content development: photos, videos.

Expertise Sharing





Expertise Sharing






The CHIC BEING team is passionate about luxury marketing and development of the global luxury market. Part of our daily routine is engagement in building meaningful relationships with: fashion and beauty leaders, luxury market associations and media.

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