On the 26-28th October at the Hotel Russell in London over 150+ attendees gathered to celebrate the 10th year anniversary of Luxury Interactive Summit. It is the biggest yearly professional event of luxury branding & digital marketing, where luxury executives from some of the world’s top luxury brands such as Aston Martin, Bulgari, Chanel, Chloe, Hermes, Harrods, Harvey Nichols, La Mer, Tiffany & Co come together to network and examine the newest trends, challenges, and opportunities in the digital luxury space. They share their best practices to achieve success and avoid pitfalls and outline what worked for their business, what didn’t, and their results. Omnichannel expansion, e-commerce optimization, optimized content creation and execution were just a few of the core themes Luxury Interactive focused on this year. From champagne roundtables to in-depth workshop sessions, attendees learned from luxury executives about following subjects:

How to build a global omnichannel strategy for your entire organisation, scale and globalise your operations, understand which markets do you enter, in what order and why, determine how you organize internally to focus on long-term growth. This very interesting workshop was lead by Milton Pedraza, CEO of Luxury Institute.

The art of storytelling workshop where participants could learn how to  build compelling content that keeps customers coming back for more. Martin Jaskolowski, Global Digital and Content Marketing Manager from Aston Martin was explaining the secrets behind building an emotional connection with customers to drive sales, showing the history and care behind the brand and understanding various kinds of media for luxury brands: image, video, music, social etc.

Using Customer Data and CRM to understand the audience, where Sophie Veryan, CRM and Loyalty Programme Manager at Harrods answered the following questions: What are the challenges to setting up a new CRM system? How do you get your old systems to communicate with new technologies? How do you even begin to manage all of the data points possible today

Taking your offline high-touch experience online. In this session, Tiffany & Co’s E-Commerce and Direct Marketing Leona De-Graft, walked the audience through the subjects of: digitalizing the luxury experience without losing customer retention, maintaining personalized customer service through the website, making sure your customers feel pampered from browse to home delivery

Partnering with bloggers to create a positive digital voice and positive product reviews. In this workshop digital executives from La Mer and Boucheron were discussing the opportunities of building a strategy around lifestyle influencers, using peer reviews to create authenticity around the brand and creating an informal partnership with the most loyal and vocal fans.

Using Instagram to “View More”: workshop lead by Rachel Waller from Farfetch who answered the most common questions on Instagram including: wow do you provide context? How do you create a call to action? How do you merge Instagram with your sales channels?

Chic Being is very excited to be a part of this incredibly inspiring initiative! Now, we would love to share this experience and knowledge with YOU - boutique luxury brands! Please contact us for complementary consultations!