French luxury brand Chloé shared recently its handbag philosophy in a new social film “Mon cher. My dear.” The film takes consumers for a ride along Parisian streets, sharing the thoughts about handbags and the “whole life” they can hold. 

What message is Chloe trying to communicate to its consumers through this film?

Social media marketing is a unique opportunity for luxury brands to reconnect to their core values that were at the foundation of their history, namely building relationships. Chloé tries to build a close and meaningful connection with its customers by focusing on its brands’ values such as: Parisian roots, heritage and independence. It also reveals that Chloé accompanies women throughout entire generations, reinforcing the importance of family connections.

Who is this film speaking to?

The movie speaks to modern and independent women who are well travelled and for whom the bag is not just another luxury item. It is a very important piece of their identity, memories and everyday life.

What is the effect of never seeing the speaker’s face?

Not revealing the speaker’s face is purposeful and it creates suspense, surprise and desire to see this object of ‘addiction". Chloé, is speaking about a unique attitude rather than a specific product. It invites young women into Chloé’s world of quality, taste and sentiment. The idea is that, without showing the face of a single product, Chloé gives these young women the freedom to choose their first Chloé bag that will accompany them along their life journey. Chloé is striving to show it’s brand values through the story of sentimental value and personal relationship to build a connection between the brand and the feelings of the customer.

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