Last week Chic Being was visiting one of the most important events in the luxury jewelry world - Dubai International Jewelry Week held from 9-12 December 2015.

It is the Middle East's leading exhibition for jewelry and precious timepieces and it provides the perfect platform for global and regional manufacturers to meet buyers, designers, retailers and marketers from across the globe. This year, the 20th anniversary of this event attracted almost 100 exhibitors and more than 20 000 visitors.

Dubai reflects one of the worlds most dynamic and responsive markets for luxury goods, and yet it seems that a lot of luxury jewelry brands have not fully captured this great opportunity to create luxury brand awareness among affluent customers from this wealthy region. What jewelry brands could do better in this case? 

  • More visible branding and clear communication of Unique Selling Proposition. Luxury jewelry brands could work more on differentiation and unique way of showcasing their brand values. Exhibitors were mainly focused on products features instead of brand building activities and unique storytelling. Only a couple of brands such as Zéla, Viktor Alexander, 365 Love and Renée created a real luxury customer experience with unique shopping environment.
  • Coherent merchandising and products’ staging. It would be very beneficial for jewelry brands to use personalized products’ staging with logo of the brand and name of the collection in the front of each jewelry cabinet.  This effort would build a coherent message across all merchandising elements and would help increase brand and collections’ awareness.
  • Digital follow-up. Most of the brands exhibited have not captured the opportunity to build the future contact with potential clients through newsletter sign-up, Facebook or Instagram account. In the modern market today, it is extremely important to follow-up with clients offering personalized message and interesting content. It is the biggest area for improvement in this very traditional industry. 

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